New York, NY


2020 - 2022


SVP of Marketing & Creative Director


More than 20 years ago, GAUDESS jewelry was born of a creative family legacy, and today continues to manifest luxury and elegance through shared positivity. CEO Amy Walko has led the company’s evolution. In perfect alignment with the spirit of sisterhood, GAUDESS was originally founded in 2000 by Amy’s real-life sister Michele Goodbread and reached early success with unique beaded designs. In honor of the unlimited Gaudess potential to unite women through energy and luxury, their positive impact on the world continues.

​We were in charge of everything from advertising & marketing efforts, to overall brand image & feel. Planning out advertisements, monitoring campaigns for promotion purposes and revising presentations as needed along with shaping brand standards was half of our job. The other half consisted of  setting clear objectives to guide our marketing direction, including managing the creation of marketing alliances, brand strategy, public relations strategy, creative strategy and digital/social strategies all geared toward Gaudesses profitability.