Clearwater, FL




SVP of Marketing


New Pryde is a family company started by two young entrepreneur sisters. Our company wants to reach teens/young adults to help them be empowered and be proud of who they are in every way. Sexuality, gender identity, race, background. We believe that everything that makes you you, should make you proud. The mission of New Pryde is to inspire people to be proud of themselves. We support, validate, and celebrate everyone from all walks of life. We believe that’s the way the world is meant to be.

We were in charge of everything from advertising & marketing efforts, to overall brand image & feel. Planning out advertisements, monitoring campaigns for promotion purposes and revising presentations as needed along with shaping brand standards was half of our job. The other half consisted of  setting clear objectives to guide our marketing direction, including managing the creation of marketing alliances, brand strategy, public relations strategy, creative strategy and digital/social strategies all geared toward New Pryde's profitability.